Monday, February 20, 2017

I Need Cake!

Hello, I'm Patty, and this is my blog.  Tonight, I'm checking out all the links I have bookmarked, trying to find a recipe for a fruit crisp cobbler.  (I don't know why I titled this post "I Need Cake" because it's a cobbler recipe I need.)  So far, the recipe has not turned up, but there are lots of saved links to stuff I planned to make some day (yeah, right) so I've decided to post them here.  I've also discovered I have about twenty draft posts and I want to clean them out too.

First up, is a wreath made of hankies.  This is a great way to display your hankies if the idea of cutting up and/or sewing them freaks you out.  That would be me.  I think I might be able to cut the ones I've bought at flea markets and thrift stores, but no way could I do that to the ones I stole from my grandmother.  On the other hand, I would totally make a quilt out of my grandmom's hankies.

I really like this idea of a hankie bunting.  All you do is iron them and hang them up. So simple!  And, no cutting hankies!

Every Christmas, I try to make my mom some kind of ice skate ornament.  (When she was a kid, she was obsessed with Sonja Henie.)  Here's a tutorial for making a felt one.

I just like this bat coloring page.

Love this Christmas garland made from pipe cleaners and beads.  

Ok, I need a little break from clicking links.  This is Cha Cha, my last favorite dog at the shelter.  I love her and was ready to sneak her into my car and take her home with me the other day. She was available for adoption but was rescued the other day.  I heard she already has an interested adopter.  

Back to links:  this is a cute hedgehog pincushion.  My friend shares the cutest hedgehog videos and projects with me all the time.   If you love fashion blogs, check hers out at A.k.A. Ms. Smarty Pants

I love this little tote for carrying your stitching supplies.  You'll have to click the link for the Embroidery YOU Tote Time, right at the top of this page, to get to the pdf of the pattern. 

Could these felt stockings be any cuter?!  I seriously need to make them.

And, one more:  an adorable mini card wallet via Craft Gossip  

I still haven't found the recipe I'm looking for and I have more links to share so I'll be back soon.  

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