Monday, February 26, 2007


A few years ago, I went through a hedgehog phase. I thought they were so cute and wanted one. But then I found out they were illegal to have as pets in California so I guess I'll have to stick to making a hedgehog.

Here's a free pattern for a hedgehog pincushion from Urban Debris.

Then, there's Prickles from Turkey Feathers. Prickles was made from the Urban Debris pattern linked above.

I found Hedgie (I love the pins on this one) and Hedgehog Fred on Flickr. I also found an adorable porcupine named George there.

Children's author, Jan Brett, has two free hedgehog cross stitch patterns on her site, Hedgie and Valentine Hedgehog Friends.

And, here's a free x-stitch chart of two hedgehogs.

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