Monday, February 26, 2007

Up All Night

I guess it took me about five hours to move some stuff from my blog on Diaryland to this one. I know Blogger has an import tool (or whatever you'd call it) but I doubt Diaryland was on the list. Luckily, I was not very active on Diaryland so I didn't have much to move.

I called myself a wanna-be crafter because I love reading craft blogs and I love finding directions for making stuff on the internet (especially freebies), yet I rarely actually make anything. Except I do cross stitch. But even that is a hit & miss, off & on, when the mood strikes me kind of thing.

I have a digital camera but it has been in my bedroom closet since I moved into this house last September. In other words, I have yet to take any pictures of any stitcheries that I've finished since then. And I have a scanner but it is still sitting somewhere in this place and is not hooked up to my computer yet. I sometimes feel like writing about whatever I'm working on at the moment but without having a scanner or camera handy to take a picture of it, I lose interest.

I'm hoping I'll stay interested in this blog. I'm excited that I figured out how to change the colors of the text and backgrounds and I'm happy with how it looks (for now).

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