Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Needle Keeping

When I was working on a cross stitch, I used to keep everything in a zip lock bag: the floss, my hoops, my scissors and the fabric. When I was done stitching for the day, I would stick my needle in the paper copy of the pattern. (I mark off the stitches as I do them so I always make a copy of the chart.) Then I discovered needlebooks and needlecases. I've made two since then, got one on ebay, and have one in progress. I looked at that one the other day and I'm not too crazy about some of the pink floss that I used so who knows if I'll ever finish it.

My favorite free pattern is the Forget-Me-Not Valentine Needlecase from Pattern Bee. You can see Sew Nancy's version here. The Needle Case Cottage, also from Pattern Bee, is so cute, but I'm a little intimidated by all those French knots.

You can find finishing instructions for a needlebook at Blue Ribbon Designs, and several free charts to use to make a needlebook there too. (And, if you're a Shih Tzu fan like me, you have to check out Simba.)

Johnson Crafts sells a Scottie and Westie needle case. It's a UK site and they will ship, but check eBay for this one first. I'm pretty sure I've seen it for sale on there.

Here's a nice needlecase made for an exchange. I like this other one, also made for the exchange, even more. The second one was made from a free pattern from Rainbow Gallery (you'll have to scroll down a little to see it).

If I had a super strong magnifying glass so I could stitch on 40 ct linen, I would start this Curious Needleroll tomorrow. Hmm, maybe I could pay someone to do it for me. Here's a shot of it closed and here it is opened up by the same stitcher. Just gorgeous. Dang, I wish my eyes weren't so bad.

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