Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Consider This a PSA

After seeing those lovely needlecases that were stitched as part of an exchange, I tried to find out more about the exchange itself. I've never been part of a swap but it sounds like it would be fun, plus you end up with something nice made just for you. Well, long story short, I found out that a blogger who didn't like the comments I left on her blog last year was running a group for exchanges. Yay. Guess I won't be allowed to join that one.

I have no idea if anyone who doesn't already know me will read this blog, but just in case we've never met, let me tell you a little about how I feel about getting a dog. You can Google puppy mills or backyard breeders for more detailed information, and if you have no idea what those are and you're a dog person, do that right now please, but in my opinion, no one should ever buy a puppy from a pet store. Not only are you taking a risk that you'll end up with a sick animal, but why support people who only breed dogs to make a buck.

This blogger had posted how she was given 24 hours to see if any health problems turned up on two puppies she had just gotten from a pet store. I know there are still many people out there who have no idea that buying a puppy from a pet shop is not a good idea -- hell, I used to be one of them -- so, in an effort to educate her and her readers, I left some comments on her blog about how 24 hrs was not a long enough period for any health issues to arise (some genetic conditions do not show up for years) and how she should see if there was a Puppy Lemon Law in her state (that way she could get her money back if her puppies did end up getting sick).

I thought I sounded nice enough but maybe I came across as rude and/or angry, (which is how I get sometimes when it comes to hearing about someone who has bought a puppy from a pet store or through the internet), because she deleted my comments. That's totally her right and I don't have a problem with it. She then posted on her blog about it, but didn't go into specifics, and basically said I was entitled to my opinion but I should get off my soap box and get my own blog. (Had I been drinking iced tea at the time, I would have spewed all over my monitor. This is what? The fifth blog I've started here?)

I can't help but wonder if she reacted the way she did because she knows she screwed up by going to a pet shop. Perhaps not, but if she didn't know it then, she does now, so maybe the next time she decides to get a puppy, she will do some research and find a good breeder, or go through a rescue group. Yes, Virginia, there are breed specific rescues out there, just as there are purebred dogs available for adoption at your local shelter. I have no doubt that her puppies found a great home but there really is no excuse for shopping in a pet store that sells puppies and kittens. Ugh ugh and more ugh.

Ok, I will now step off my soapbox before I start ranting and raving about idiots who buy so-called designer dogs.

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