Thursday, March 1, 2007

Postcrossing and Postcardx

I joined Postcrossing last April, after seeing a link to it on someone's blog (I think it was WoofNanny but I didn't take note of it so I'm not positive). I've been collecting and saving postcards since I was a kid. My postcards are either ones I bought when I went somewhere (Disneyland, the drug store, Philadelphia, an airport), or ones that were sent from friends, relatives, and now, random strangers from around the world. I no longer save many letters or cards but I do save every postcard I get. Some day I will scan some of them and put them on a blog (causing hell to freeze over since I have been talking about doing that for a few years now). My friend Chelle sent me this toilet postcard last year. She always sends the neatest cards.

Once you join Postcrossing, you'll be sent the name & address of another member to send a postcard to, and once they receive and register that card, your name & address will go in the queue to get a card.

I ended up at HobbyLoco a little while ago. Not only does Cheryl share patterns for cross stitch and other crafts, she sells the cutest finger puppets on Etsy. She had a link to postcardx so I clicked it. Well, it looks like I'm now onboard to I can send something to someone named Louise in England if I want. (At first, I thought you had to send something to someone once you viewed their profile but you don't.) Good thing Louise likes Hello Kitty stuff because I can share some of my sticker stash with her.

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