Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Free Flowers of the Month Patterns

My online life sucks. My computer is not working. Someone is coming today to fix it (hopefully). All I keep thinking about is all the stuff I have saved on there that I will lose if the guy can't make it work.

Hah! That's the name of the company he works for: Make It Work. (I swear that was unintentional. )

Offline life sucks too. I can't drive, ! can't work, and I am totally broke. At least I have my health. [insert sarcasm emoticon here]

I did make a very nice discovery the other day. A few months ago or last year, I forget when exactly, I ended up at Grandma's Attic while looking for redwork patterns. They have a bunch of Block of the Month Clubs and I would have loved to join the Flowers of the Month Embroidery Club because I loved the January block they showed as an example of what you'd receive if you were in the club. So, the other day, I was at Pattern Bee, a site I have been to many times before, and I was looking at the free patterns, and lo & behold, there were the same flowers of the month embroidery patterns *for free* that you have to join a club to get from Grandma's Attic. Yeah, yeah, you get the pattern and the muslin and the floss to make the block from Grandma, but hello, it's $14.95 each month for a year. I'll have to transfer the freebies on to some cloth myself, and get the floss, but you know it won't cost me whatever $14.95 multiplied by 12 is to do that.

So, there's my new reason to live: free patterns. (It doesn't take much, does it?) I'm going to stitch up all twelve patterns and then . . . I don't know what I'll do with them. If I make a quilt with them, hell might freeze over.

By the way, Pattern Bee had a quilt contest and the winning entry was made from these same flowers of the month patterns. You can see another quilt made from the same patterns here.

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Fiona said...

Hope you're feeling good by now. :-)
& hooray for freebies!