Friday, April 6, 2007

What Makes Me Click

I always check the lists of links on other blogs and I've noticed how certain words will get me to click on them, like cottage or vintage or zombie or apron or thrift (or both!) or anything dog-related like woof. I just ended up at the Bunny Tales blog because I'm a sucker for the word "bunny." I love the banner at the top and the colors of the blog. Same with Anne the blogger's website, Bunny Hill Designs. Dang, I wish I was a quilter. I might attempt (FREE PATTERN ALERT!) the very cute Valentine Needlecase though.

This bunny pincushion is freaking adorable too (scroll down a little to see it).

I did make an Easter banner today. I printed out these letters at Martha Stewart's site on colored paper (yellow, purple blue) and then glued them to heavier paper that I cut into circles (I didn't have enough cardstock to print the letters on). Then I stuck them on some ribbon so they hang vertically. I'd love to share what it looks like but my computer is dead so I don't have access to my camera's software.

The bad news is I can no longer use my PC. The good news is the hard drive is ok so I can move all my saved images to another computer if/when I get one.

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