Friday, April 27, 2007

The Needlework Show

I'm having a good time going through The Needlework Show site. It's for wholesale buyers but the general public can look at all the vendors' new designs. Each vendor has a page which also has a link to their website, so besides getting to see their new stuff, you can also check their other designs too. I've found several cross stitch and punchneedle charts that I really like from designers I've never heard of before.

The Merry Otter Box from Cindy Valentine Designs is the neatest thing. I thought it was just a box that you stitched and put together, but it also opens up and will hold your scissors, needles and other accessories. After I hit the lottery, I will pay someone to make that for me.

Ack, my keyboard is greasy. I was just eating these while reading blogs. I don't usually eat while on the computer but I needed something to snack on and the chips were calling my name.

One more thing: is it really ok for bloggers to post photos of things like book and magazine covers, or pages from books and magazines? I wouldn't think so, but I'm not a copyright attorney, nor do I play one online. I can understand putting up pictures on your blog that you, yourself, took, but is it ok to post material from other sources?

Which reminds me: I was at a website earlier for a needlework designer and she had it right there on her site that you cannot share her patterns with a friend. Excuse me? I can understand her not wanting you to make copies of a chart and then give them away, but not being able to pass it on to someone else, or let them borrow it, seems a little ridiculous to me. As far as I know, it's ok to share a book with a friend or a cd or a magazine when you're done with it so why not a chart? Is it because it's a pattern? Well, what about a book with cross stitch patterns in it? Can I give that to my friend when I'm done with it? And, did I break the law when I accepted that French cross stitch magazine from a swap at Postcrossing? Or did the girl who sent it to me? Which one of us gets sent up the river? I hope it's me because I think I have a cavity. Remember: inmates get free dental care!

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