Friday, April 27, 2007

Twirly Skirt Tutorial and Free Pincushion Patterns

I'm always holding towels and fabric up to waist and saying it would make a cute apron, but I never go any farther than that. Take a look at the finished project of someone who turned dish towels into skirts for her kids. I wonder if she'd like to adopt me.

She also has a tutorial for a Twirly Skirt. How cute is that? I wonder if that pattern can be adapted to big girls who don't really sew but often drool at the work of others.

I got to House on Hill Road via Niki's Ventures, which is chock-full of freebie links including this Sewing Roll from See the other free patterns at too. There are patterns for a hat, a flower and a heart tag-along pincushion using wool scraps. I also love this wool heart.


erin said...

oh, i think you are too old for me to adopt!

Niki said...

Thanks bunches for mentioning Niki's Ventures blog. Check out my newest entry! I am running my very first CONTEST! woo hoo. Love your blog btw ;)