Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freebies, tutorials, and coffee

I was searching for more free Biscornu patterns the other night (and the one I used to make mine -- I had printed out the Google translated version and the URL got cut off) and found some free charts here. I'm not sure what Berlin Work is but these flower patterns are pretty. (Ok, I looked it up: Berlin wool work)

This free chart is what I used for my biscornu. I used the chart called Popular Red Biscornu that's the very first link on the freebie list (right below the directions) here.

And, check out My Half of the Brain, a blog chock-full of tutorial goodness. (That's what I'm having for a snack: nuts!) [link via Domestic Chicky]

P.S. Chock full o' Nuts coffee is still around. I just learned from their website that during the Depression, the founder turned his 18 nut shops into coffee shops and that's how the brand got its name.

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