Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm Being Watched By A Banana Slug

I thought I might be getting IMs and people would be leaving comments, and I was worried I'd be busy dealing with all that and run out of time to post anything but a picture of beans. (I did that during one Blogathon because I got caught up in an IM with a friend and ran out of time.) But, so far, my only comments have come from my monitor, and there have been no IMs so far. Which is fine with me. It gives me something to write about, which means the 9 am entry is about done. :)

First, though, let's meet Jen, my monitor. Her blog is Justice Rolling Like a River and she is blogging for International Justice Mission. Her favorite snack food is pita and hummus. I would eat that right now if I had some. Read more about Jen. She's also doing a contest where she's going to translate a Bible passage into different languages, and the first person to guess what it is without using the Internet, wins $10 for their charity. This applies to non-Blogathoners too.

That line "justice rolling like a river" sounds really familiar to me. I am going to go Google it.

By the way, I think I've always numbered my Blogathon posts in the past or put the time in the title. I'm not doing that this year. But in case anyone is confused, this is the 9 am entry.

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IJM Info said...

Thanks for telling people about IJM! I wanted to let you know about a contest IJM is currently in the running for. I hope you will be able to help out!

Help IJM Win $100,000!

International Justice Mission is in the final round of a competition for $100,000 to support our work, and we need your vote to win!

Every day, from July 9 through August 10, we need as many people as possible to go online to and vote once a day, everyday, for the entire month.

For more information about the work of International Justice Mission go to