Saturday, July 28, 2007


This is Mae. She was rescued from a puppy mill by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue. This what she looks like now. What a cutie pie. I like her short ear hair cut.

And, the photo below is what she looked like when volunteers from the rescue found her. Teresa, the director of Lone Star, wrote this on her blog:

"... the SPCA was called out a home in north Houston and found horrible neglect conditions. Eight tiny little shih tzu living in a small shed in the back yard - breeding!! Horrible conditions - the dogs were all totally matted (surprise!), several had severe eye infections and their eyes were stuck shut with pus and mats. One was in such bad shape, they had to euthanize him."

Do I really need to say or show you anything more to convince you to stop shopping in pet shops that sell puppies? Don't even go in just to buy dog biscuits or cat food.

It's really very simple. Pet stores get their puppies from commercial breeding facilities, aka puppy mills, or backyard breeders, who only want to make a buck.

If someone tells you they know of a pet store that gets its puppies from "breeders," you have my permission to call bullshit on them. Ethical, responsible, reputable breeders do not sell their dogs to or through stores. They do not sell them over the internet. And, they will not ship a puppy to you.

If you're considering getting a puppy, and do not want to do the shelter or rescue group route, please do some research first and find out what makes a good breeder and where to find one. I'll add a link or two when I have time but I gotta go because I am 15 minutes late with my 9:30 entry.

And, dang, we have another sponsor! Hi Kim! Lone Star took five of these puppy mill Shih Tzus and all five are heartworm positive. Your donations today will help pay for treating these dogs. Thank you to all my sponsors for your support and generosity! I am totally blown away by you guys.

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marg said...

isn't Mae the prettiest little thing? what a doll!

whoever did this to her needs to be flogged. talk about man's inhumanity to the smallest of God's creatures....

i am glad she is out of that hell hole!