Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm Cheating a Little

I started writing the Bok Choy entry at 6:37. I posted it at 7:12 and then edited a little more so it really wasn't finished until 7:15.

I have not left this chair since I started the Blogathon. I really need some iced tea so I am going to cheat a little and say this is my 7:30 entry. My clock says 7:20 so close enough. I will be back around 8 am.

Oh yeah, my plan today was to cross stitch something during the Blogathon and post pictures of my progress. Hah! I'll be lucky if I'm able to link to a picture of a cross stitch.

Ok, it's now 7:22 and this is my 7:30 post.

1 comment:

jen said...

it does get easier to multi-task after the first couple hours. :)

khouria jen out!

ps: i grew up in the bay area and am a uc santa cruz grad. go fighting banana slugs!!!!