Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Stitching Project

Since this is a wanna-be craft blog, my plan today was to cross stitch something and have it finished by the end of the Blogathon. I made sure I chose a design that wasn't too involved so I would get it done before tomorrow morning. I'm not to going to say what I'll be stitching , but since I'm blogging for a dog rescue, I'm sure you can narrow it down.

I'm going to work on it now and I'll share how much I've done at 8:30. Here's a picture of the floss I'm using (for you non-cross stitchers, floss is the thread). I'm stitching on white Aida (that's the name of the fabric). The green thing is my needle threader (something I can't live without). And yes, I have kiddie scissors. My name is on them because I took them to work and didn't want another teacher claiming them.

The Scottie dog is my needle holder. I got that on eBay. The seller said her mother and aunt made a bunch of them in 1941 but never got around to selling them because Pearl Harbor happened. (Maybe they joined the war effort and didn't have time to sell what they made.) He's made of felt and opens up so you can put your needle inside. And, he's almost as old as my mother. (Did they make googly eyes in the 40's?)

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