Thursday, July 19, 2007

JF Ingalls Embroidery Catalog from 1886

EDITED TO ADD: Some of the links in this post no longer work. Please go to J.F.Ingalls for a list of all the scans from the JF Ingalls catalog that Mr. Governale shared a couple of years ago. For the Good Morning and Good Night patterns, click here. They are #106 in the list. Updated: April 29, 2010.

One of the members of the Outline Stitch Yahoo Group that I'm on (in?) posted a link to 254 scans of patterns from an old embroidery stamping catalog. I have no idea how the stamping part of it worked but these patterns could be used today just by printing them out and transferring them to material. You'll need to enlarge them because they print very small. (The lady who posted the link says she uses Photo Shop to do that. I'm going to try the copy machine. ) I've only gone through a page and a half so far but I've seen flowers, children, dogs, cats, horses, owls, dishes, food and birds. And, do you know what else I found? A pattern for a Good Night/Good Morning pillow which I always wanted to do in redwork. It's 105 on this page. All the scans are no longer protected by copyright so this is a real find. Thank you to Mr. Governale for sharing!

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this website explains the Prick and Pounce which is how Perforated parchement patterns work.