Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yo, Britney

Dear Britney Spears:

I know you've had some personal problems lately but this is 2007 and no one should be buying a puppy from a pet shop. If you don't know why, go google "puppy mills." You could have bought a well-bred purebred Yorkie puppy from a responsible breeder for way less then the $3000 you forked over to that Southern California pet store. Or you could have adopted a Yorkie from a Los Angeles area animal shelter for less than a hundred dollars and saved a life in the process. Please stop being just another dumb ass celebrity pet owner (shout out to Katherine McPhee, Nicole Richie* and Jessica Simpson).


*I should add that after Nicole Richie told Jay Leno on TV that she bought a sick Pomeranian puppy for $8000 over the internet, the men behind the website were charged with various misdemenor charges and later pled guilty to "neglecting the puppies, selling puppies that were not in good health, failing to file a tax return, operating as a seller without a permit and operating without a business permit" (according to an update on Pet-Abuse.Com). Their dogs were removed from the home they were operating their business from and later adopted out to good homes through a local shelter. The bad news is these two are now selling puppies through a kennel in Missouri. It really is about supply & demand. Until we stop buying puppies from pet shops and websites, there will always be people selling them. And, yes, you may have a dog that you bought as a puppy who a long and healthy life -- I did too -- but why risk getting one who may turn out to be sick? Why keep these losers in business? Go Google "puppy mills" before you answer that.

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