Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pretend this is for 12 pm

My 12:00 entry is gone. I think I deleted it by accident instead of the 12:30 one that I was writing when I heard about my dad. The 12:00 was about me not having much time to visit other blogs today, and how I was checking Food & Movies because Stacia was posting pictures of old postcards that her dad had saved. I mentioned how I had been saving postcards for years and I was really enjoying her blog. And, I said how she was blogging for the ASPCA and that there was a blogroll on the sidebar for those of us who were blogging for animal welfare organizations this year.

Did I imagine all of that?


Patty said...

I even wrote that we were six hours into the Blogathon already.

jen said...

it happens. no worries -- i know you're still posting.

khouria jen out.