Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have a link on the sidebar that shows animals available for adoption from Los Angeles Animal Services (I forget if they're the city or county shelters) and the last one that was showing was a turtle.

A turtle who needs a home. I don't know why but that strikes me as really sad. I hope he or she (I clicked the link but didn't take notice if the turtle was a male or female) finds one soon.

When I was a kid, I had a goldfish and my sister had a turtle. I don't remember if we got them or if we got Snuffy the dog first. I do remember that the fish died while my dad was away on business and we put it in the freezer so we could show it to him when he got home. Most likely, it was flushed after he paid his respects.

We also gave a home to a turtle that belonged to our neighbors. Their youngest boy used to be mean and throw rocks at the turtle. It died shortly after it moved in with us. Maybe he missed having rocks thrown at him.


Suzan said...

Mr. Knight-in-Shining Armor brought Alex home a baby turtle from his last fishing trip. The turtle is doing just fine and it's the size of a .50 piece. No name has of yet. Yesterday I joined a Yahoo group, Freecyclers, locally. People give away things or are looking for something. Last night someone was giving away a lopear rabbit, named Lover Boy. Well, we have been wanting a rabbit for Alex (and Hubby), so we grabbed him up! He is coming home tonight! Can't wait!

Patty said...

Suzan, I'm glad you took that bunny. I get a little nervous when people offer animals for free. You never know if the new owner will give them a good home or is just some weirdo. Freecyle is great though. I have friends who use it all the time.