Monday, September 10, 2007

2007 Needle and ThREAD Bookmark Challenge

In the latest newsletter from Nordic Needle is word on the 2007 Needle andThREAD Bookmark Challenge, an event to promote both literacy and stitching. Nordic Needle will be collecting cross stitched bookmarks from now until November 15. The bookmarks will be donated to local libraries and schools in Fargo, ND, and given out to kids during Children's Book Week, November 12-18. At the end of the challenge, Nordic Needle will hold a drawing for a $100 gift certificate for their store. The more bookmarks you send in, the more times your name will be entered in the drawing.

There are other needlework shops involved. You can find a list here. And, all the information about Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy is here. I love this challenge.

Remember the Shih Tzu I stitched during the Blogathon? One day, I was bored so decided to turn it into a bookmark and I added a some pink hearts above it and below it. Then I decided I didn't like it anymore and haven't touched it since. But I bet there is a little girl out there who would love a bookmark with pink hearts and a cute little dog on it. I think I'll attempt to finish it tonight.

I found some instructions for finishing a bookmark at Amy's Cross Stitch Corner. And, Cyber Stitchers has directions for a ribbon bookmark and one with fringe.

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