Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blogger Play

I have a new online addiction: Blogger Play. It's a slide show of images recently uploaded to blogs on Blogger. I just watched for about 20 minutes and saw pictures of cute kids, ugly kids, NYC, a cat up a tree, a wedding, a band I never heard of, Venice Italy, a bunch of girlfriends who all got their ears pierced, a yoga class, a boy who got five bucks from the Tooth Fairy, and some lady's new floor, plus a bunch of others. Very cool. It's even better if you watch while listening to iTunes. The pictures all seem to be G-rated but there was whole series of insect sushi ones that were disgusting. I hope that blogger doesn't upload any more shots of his gross dinner.

(If you click the Show Info button down in the right corner, you'll get links to the blog and the blogger's profile.)

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