Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Such a Geek for the Chewbacca Sound

Tops of two biscornu
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

I recently made a biscornu and wasn't happy with the end result. I don't think I attached the corner of the top piece to the middle of the bottom so it was lopsided. Plus the seam attaching them did not look very nice (I need to practice that more.) So I made another one, using the same free cross stitch chart. The second one came out smaller and I liked it much better. I then re-did the first one. I think I overstuffed it though because sewing on the buttons was a nightmare. I lost track of how many times I stabbed my finger with the needle.

Now that I see this picture, I realize the button on the right one is blue. It looked dark gray to me up until now. I'm thinking I should put a different one on but do I really want to go through sewing on another button? No!

These are the bottoms of the biscornu (biscornus?). Same chart but different colors of floss (stuff I had in my stash). I used 18 ct white Aida both times. I counted out three squares and then backstitched around the design. When I made the first one, I counted out six or eight squares and that made a bigger biscornu.

Biscornu bottoms
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

The free chart I used is here at Kissy-Cross. Be sure to check out her other freebies.

This video was on Cute Overload along with Meg's request for someone to add some Jaws music and a Chewbacca yell. And someone did just that. That reminds me of the time the Chewbacca sound was on Cute Overload. I wonder if I can get that on myiPod.

And, for everyone who is keeping track, here's a knee update: my incision did not look very good to me last night and I knew it was infected so back to the orthopedist's office we went. I saw one of my doctor's partners since my guy wasn't there today, and he said it looks to be just on the surface (a good thing). I'm on antibiotics and hoping to see an improvement in a few days. Actually, it's not as gross looking now as it was earlier today.


Kissy said...

Patty, your biscornus are very nice!
The bees come out so pretty in your version and the back looks great too. Very different to my own version. I like it and I'm glad I found your pictures of it.
It's always nice to see what people doing with my designs ;-)


'chelle said...

I saw that video on CO and totally agreed about the music. Now that I see it, I still agree! :-)