Friday, September 21, 2007

More on the Needle and ThREAD Bookmark Challenge

Stitches 'N Things is another needle shop that's participating in the 2007 Needle and ThREAD Bookmark Challenge, so like Nordic Needle, they also will be collecting bookmarks to be donated to local schools and libraries.

From the latest Stitches N Things newsletter:

During September ** Get ideas of what charts/designs you'll be
stitching and get your fabric and fibers and any other materials set
aside. So that on .....

October 1 ** You can Start stitching!!!

October/November ** Turn in your completely finished bookmarks to your participating shop (aka Stitches N Things) ... Attach a slip of paper to your bookmark with your name and the title of a favorite book (after all, needlework is personal) and that will enter you into our prize drawings.

November 10 ** The LAST date to turn in your FINISHED bookmarks.

November 12 ** We'll hold our Prize Drawings for those who participated in this Commitment to Literacy. (SNT has the opportunity to win prizes .. and so do you!) Children's Book Week, November 12-18, 2007.

I've ordered from Stitches 'N Things in the past -- in fact, the other night, while looking for fabric to stitch on, I happily found a large piece of "country something" (or was it "vintage something"?) Aida that had come from them. I haven't bought anything from Nordic Needle yet but I really enjoy reading both shops' newsletters. If I make a bookmark for this challenge, I will have to do one for each store.

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