Monday, October 15, 2007

A Couple of X-Stitch Finishes

Here are two more cross stitches I've done while sitting around the house. I started and finished the cats yesterday. You can find that free chart at Kreinik. It's supposed to be done on a Tokens & Trifles sewing card with silk threads, but since I had neither, I just used what I had on hand and chose Autumn colors. The cats were originally going to be turned into something for my sister but I like how they came out so I'm keeping it for myself. I'll make her one later this week. It's not like I don't have the time. Hah! (I can do hers on the 14 ct Aida I don't like. Mine's on 18 ct Fiddler's Lite.) You can find the witch chart here.

There's a third finish below these two -- I didn't want to cut the fabric because then it would be too small for my hoop so I thought I'd stitch as many designs on there as I could -- and it's the autumn heart from Kissy-Cross. I wasn't sure what to do with the heart. I really like this needlebook that someone named Annie made from both heart charts.

I went to the orthopdedic sugeon this afternoon and he thinks my incision looks better this time around. I agree. It actually looks like it's healing, instead of being all scabby and red. He said he'd leave the stitches in for one more week. And, it looks like next week I can start putting some weight on my leg. I'll still need to stay off it for another four weeks though. I wonder how many more cross stitches I can do during that time.

Oh and when I am finally done with the walker, I will be setting fire to it in the backyard.


Emily said...

Oh your witch turned out soo cute! Can I get a picture of it for the gallery? :) I like the border you added!

Patty said...

Thanks, Emily! I still have to take a picture of it all finished and will send you one.