Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Needlework Show

Be sure to visit The Needlework Show this week. It's only for wholesale orders so you can't order anything from it but anyone can go look at the vendors' needlework designs and supplies. Click the General Viewing link for a list of vendors. Each vendor has their own page. It will take you awhile to go through them all but it's an easy way to see new stuff. If you see something you like, you can ask your local needle shop to order it for you or you can track it down on your favorite online store's website. Some of the vendors are giving out door prizes, including Dinky Dyes. You can enter to win a set of their silk threads. More information can be found on their vendor page.

I've already found a few things I really like and I'm not even halfway through the vendor list yet. I'm fascinated by the designs for boxes. (Maybe this is why I like biscornu so much and turn my finishes into pillows instead of framing them.) Look at this Christmas box from Cherished Stitches. And Luna Solstice from Dames of the Needle. This pyramid from Twisted Oaks Designs is cool. So is the chicken pincushion below it on the same page. I remember Cindy Valentine's The Merry Otter from last year's show. I would love to make that box. Look at it opened up. How neat is that?

I could use a good thread picker, like this one from My Big Toe Designs. I didn't even know they made such a thing.

The Needlework Show runs through October 22.

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Emily said...

I've visited the show some, too much to look at!! One can really use up a looot of time. :)