Saturday, November 10, 2007

Felt Ornaments

Every time I get online these days, I see something else I want to make. Check out these adorable mitten ornaments. There's a Flickr pool for finished mittens too.

The mittens were linked on Sew, Mama Sew as part of Handmade Holidays, which I keep forgetting to check.

Also, linked were instructions on making embroidered felt ornaments from Sunshine's Creations. And, for more inspiration, there's a Flickr group for them too.

I also recently found (and joined) a Flickr pool for biscornu.

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Penny Sanford Fikes said...

Cute felt ornaments like these you have linked are definitely on my list of Wanna Do Someday!

I'm enjoying your blog! It shows a very generous spirit in you that you share so many links and so many other blogs and sources!

Especially am I flattered that you have my blog in your list of blogs that you visit/read on a regular basis. Thank you!

I've put you in my Bloglines subscriptions so that I can read you often!

Keep up the very interesting blogging!

Thanks again,
Penny Sanford Fikes