Thursday, December 20, 2007

Charts From Les chroniques de Frimousse

I love French cross stitch blogs. They have some of the best freebies out there. I love the amazing 3D designs at Frimousse but it can take me forever to track down a specific chart on her blog so I'm making a list fi them in English. I'm doing this for myself but I'm sure someone else will find it helpful as well.

My list of house/pincushion/I'm-not-sure-what-to-call-them charts from Les chroniques de Frimousse (all names are mine):

house with red shutters

house with blue shutters


little blue house

bee hive


cat in basket


school house

house with Santa

Halloween house

house with snow covered roof

house with snow and people with gifts


cheese wedge with mouse


dog house

bird house

chicken house

baby in basket

cow house






church wedding


flower shop

post office




Sharon in Tx said...

Hi Patty,
I want to thank you for your links to the french freebies, I had found some of the adorable houses earlier and saw pics of some of the others but couldn't for the life of me find the chart, and you solved my problem, thank you so much. I saw the little kitty in a basket and had to stitch it right away for a late Christmas gift for a friend. I am including a link to my online album so you can see the finished piece. Thanks again for your links. God Bless,
Sharon in Tx

Sharon in Tx said...

Sorry, I can't get it to show the whole link to my online album.
Sharon in Tx

Patty said...

Sharon, the link worked just fine! Your kitty is cute and I love your biscornus! I posted a message for you on your album -- hope you get it!


helenah said...

hi, I came across your lovely Blog, I receive The daily newsletter from Frimousse, and have made quite a lot of her designs. If I do not understand the French I use the Google Translater. Now on the right hanside of her blog, you will see a list of all her designs, all the little houses come under "Repertoire Picmachinchoses" I do hope that this helps.