Friday, December 28, 2007

I Must Learn How To Knit

Sarah at Penguin Knits is doing a craft-along for animal shelters. You can make things like blankets and toys, and then donate them to your favorite animal shelter. (You should contact your local shelter to see what they will accept.) It goes from January 1 through February 1, although Sarah says you can keep on making stuff to donate after that. She linked to a list of knitting patterns for pets and a list of crochet patterns if you need some ideas on what to make.

There aren't any details posted yet but earlier this month, Crafty Daisies asked if anyone would be interested in a learn to knit school. They have 55 comments so far so I hope they decide to do this.

I just found this blog, Crafty Beats, that has some nice tutorials, like this one for a crochet pig and for a puppet bear. I really like the flower pin and the t-shirt bookmark.


Mary said...

Good luck learning how to knit/crochet. I used to crochet. I have so many granny squares to still put together on my UFO My grandmother taught me how to knit. I didn't have the patience to stick with it because it took me so long to knit and I wanted to knit as fast as her and have more than just a teddy bear
Happy New Year!

caroljean said...

I think you would like knitting since you have the patience to do cross-stitch. Although I learned as I child, I have really only been knitting for the past year. And then it is only very basic beginner patterns. But I do find it a calming activity.

I hope your doctors will be able to resolve the swelling problem very soon - it must be frustrating to have it lingering on.

And thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

Patty said...

Someone taught me how to knit when I was a kid. I think I enjoyed it but all I really remember is I had really cool blue knitting needles, which we'd bring out when we played "olden days" where we'd all pretend we were Laura Ingalls. I don't know why I didn't stick with it then but I'd like to learn how to knit again.