Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Gingerbread Man Had a Lobotomy

We have so many ornaments at my house that I glued a bunch of them on a wreath awhile back. (And, trust me, there are still plenty of them on the tree. ) I believe this gingerbread man is about as old as I am (44 yrs). The pin in his head that held the thread to hang him up had come out and been stuck back in so many times, that some of his poor little styrofoam head is missing.

I forget where the guy in the red knitted cap came from but I know he's been around for awhile. The little horse is from a trip to Germany that my mom and I made over 20 yrs ago. I think the red bow on the right is another one that's my age.

And, remember my lop-sided biscornu? I ended up sewing the pieces together to make a square ornament instead. (Except we all know it's not really square, now don't we?) I think I need to add a button in the middle since I left a space for it. A few years ago, I attached beads to a cross stitch and wasn't happy with how they looked, but I gave it another try with this one. The beads could be sewn on tighter but I'm ok with how they turned out. You can find the chart for the Xmas tree biscornu here. By the way, Emily at The Floss Box has a Christmas tree biscornu chart for you too.

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Niki said...

I too have tons of older ornaments, the special ones, i just love. HUGS. Wanted to pop by and say HI :)