Monday, December 17, 2007

Picasa Collage

I just made a collage with Picasa (link via Bunny Tales).

Picasa is a photo organizing program.

Ok, I have no idea how to explain it better but hey, you can make a collage with it. And, it's free.

All of the images on my computer were put into Picasa and now I have questions.

Whose bedroom is this? I seriously have no idea. I love the windows, the light fixture, and that dresser, but who sleeps in this room? Anyone I know?

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And, this one. I have no clue how I got this picture back in May 2006, if it was sent to me by someone or if I downloaded it from somewhere. There's a lot in that kitchen that I like (farmhouse sink, glassfront cabinets, open shelving, the drawer pulls) so I could see saving the picture for when I hit the lottery and need ideas for my dream kitchen in my dream house.

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