Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Elf Clogs Here

Amy over at Angry Chicken has a bunch of gift tags you can print out. My favorite one says "I made this, just so you know. So don't say anything mean about it." I need to print that one out for future use.

There are some very nice free embroidery patterns at Down To Earth. [link via Craft N Cutie] I love the "Monday Is Washing Day" one (scroll down). There's some really interesting stuff at Down To Earth. I had no idea where luffas (or is it loofa?) came from or if they were made or what, and did not know you could eat them, until I read this. I think I finally found a subject Martha Stewart has not tackled yet.

I made an elf clog last week and my blanket stitch around the edges scared me. So I took it apart and last night I just whip stitched it together. I swear my stitching looks like a 2 yr old did it. I'm not sure if I'm going to dismantle it and sew it together one more time or what. Looking at all the pictures in the Flickr Elf Clog pool inspires me to keep at it. Some of them are freaking gorgeous and so cute. Maybe after I make a few dozen more, one will look halfway decent. (Proof I know how to do a blanket stitch.)

Here's a nifty idea for recycling leftover Xmas wrapping paper: weave it into new stuff. I think even I could do this one.

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