Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Embroidered Something

I embroidered some hankies for my dad for a Christmas present. It was really tough to find non-girly designs in my stash to use. The patterns I've bought or have found on the internet are either cute animals or pretty flowers.

I considered stitching something like "For your snot" on one of the hankies but I went with "Bless You!" instead. I used a font that looked like real writing for the words, but my embroidery looks just as sloppy as my own handwriting, so I could have just free-handed it.

A site with free Shih Tzu graphics provided this design. When I showed this finished handkerchief to my sister, she didn't know what it was (well, she is more of a cat person). I think the circle thing going around his head might have confused her but the Shih Tzu is supposed to have a top knot like they do in dog shows, and, like this one does.

I put my dad's initials on one hankie (no picture of that one because it's the most boring). I was running out of time and losing interest in the whole project, so I just embroidered a "D" on the last three hankies. I got the "D" from a free alphabet posted on Vintage Transfer Finds. (How funny -- I left comments on that post back in March, saying I wanted to go monogram something after seeing those ABC's. It only took me nine months!)

Shih Tzu graphic from

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Nanna (Pammy) said...

Hi Patty,

What a truly lovely idea! I bet your Dad was very touched and will treasure your gift.

Thanks for all your lovely comments you left on my blog the other day too Nice to meet you.