Monday, January 7, 2008

Going Through My Saved Links

My project this month week is to go through my saved links to free charts and patterns, and post the ones that still work here.

Grilles et diagrammes is a French site with some free cross stitch charts. There are birds, alphabets, "Bienvenue" (that's Welcome, right?), a lighthouse, a windmill, and a couple with reindeer and trees. It's a great collection.

The Caron Collection has a bunch of kid's projects. I like the Sampler Bookmark. The instructions show you how to make fringe on the bottom of the bookmark too. I think this bookmark would be nice stitched all in one color, like red or blue. I might have to do that.

Hope Chest Legacy is an online store that sells books, embroidery patterns, paper dolls, and cookie cutters (and, other stuff as well). They have a page with a few free embroidery patterns (when you open the link, the pattern will be huge so use your arrow keys to see the entire thing), and instructions on making a pillowcase, a quilt block, and the one that got me all excited: how to do a snowflake stitch on gingham fabric. I have a pink gingham pillowcase that I planned to do some chicken scratch on. I really like how the snowflake stitch looks. (Chicken scratch is stitching on gingham. Read more about it at Pegasus Originals. There's a pattern for a chicken scratch heart there.)

Not something I had previously saved but just found via Write, Mama, Write: a knitting pattern for a mini mitten ornament. How cute is that?

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