Tuesday, April 22, 2008

iTunes Meme

Let's do an iTunes meme.

How many total songs in your library?
250 (that's kind of sad)

Song By Title
First song: Accidents Will Happen - Elvis Costello
Last song: #9 Dream - John Lennon

Song By Time
Shortest song: Golden Slumbers - Ben Folds (1:41)
Longest song: You And I - Rick James and Bad - U2 (both come in at 8:03)

Sort By Album
First abum: A.M. - Wilco
Last album: 20th Century Masters - The Millenium Collection: Motown 1970s, Vol 2

Sort By Artist
First artist: Aimee Mann & Michael Penn
Last artist: X

Top Five Played Songs:
All These Things That I've Done - the Killers
Life In A Northern Town - The Dream Academy
Losering - Whiskeytown
My Bag - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
Do You Wanna Touch Me - Joan Jett

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle
Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp
Buick City Complex - Old 97's
Confetti - the Lemonheads
I Say Nothing - Voice of the Beehive
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes - Elvis Costello

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 0
Death: 1
Love: 10
You: 10
Home: 1 (does "homecoming" count?)
Boy: 0
Girl: 1

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love these iTunes memes! I will probably steal this one.

Incidentally, All these Things by the Killers is my top played song as well.