Saturday, May 17, 2008

Donkey News

DMC had a free cross stitch chart of a donkey on one of their websites and I was happy I printed it out when I found it because I couldn't find it again later on. But it's now on the Italian DMC site (or it always was and I was just too lame to figure out how to get to it).

If you click here, you will be taken to the log in page for the Italian version of the DMC Club. If you're a member, your log in and password should work. If you're not a member, go to the USA DMC site and sign up. Then go back here and log in. You should see the donkey chart. Click the picture for a pdf. (This probably seems like way to much trouble for some of you but I like donkeys so I didn't mind.)

I stitched up the donkey last year but didn't do anything with it until the other night.

Donkey cross stitch
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

My original plan was to make a needlecase but I couldn't get it the way I wanted it so I gave up. I did add some brown felt to the back so I can use it to a hold a needle or two. (If I had left on the button, the donkey would not be off-center now.) The chart calls for DMC's Color Variation floss but I just used some of my gray stash, and stitched it on 18ct Fiddler's Cloth.

I also wanted to mention Donkey Dreams: Call for Aprons. (I saw this linked on both tie one on and The Apronista Network.) Artist Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm (blog: Apifera Farm) is collecting donated aprons to sell for Pino Pie Day on June 28th. (Pino is a cute little donkey.) Katherine is raising funds for her donkey therapy program. How can you resist a donkey wearing an apron and holding a pie?


Kellie said...

Thanks for introducing me to the Apifer Farm blog! I just hopped over and read over a few posts. The May 1st one got me. We have four cats(I know it's too many, but still) and I appreciate people who take the time to rescue/spay/neuter and love them. The story about the tom who wandered onto the farm got me. He looks like a brother to my Sashsa and sounds like he has some of her personality too. I can't imagine losing her, but hope that if she even did get lost she'd end up in such a loving place.

shepherdgirl said...

SOmeone passed your blog onto me and I just wanted to thank you for mention me and Pino! He is out napping in the shade [it's hot] but he'll be greatful too. The apron world is so enthusiastic!

Katherine and Pino at Apifera Farm

PS you can really sew [unlike my messes]

Kissy said...

Hi Patty,

I like your stitched donkey!
I discovered a flickr group called hoop love. Maybe you already know this.
There are tons of vintage transfers and when I saw this cute little donkey I thought of you.