Monday, May 19, 2008

Yiotas XStitch

You can find a variety of free cross stitch charts at Yiotas XStitch including a Victorian lady (I like her), flowers, a butterfly, some sea shells and Santa Claus. Go check them out!

I also found a several dog charts I would love to order from Yiota, like the Dandie Dinmont. (I don't think I ever saw a Dandie Dinmont dog in person, just on the dog shows on television. I love their big heads and short legs.) She really has some nice dog charts. (I HAVE got to go back to work soon. There is just too much good stuff out there to buy!)

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Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I am following your good advice and am leaving a comment. I love to be first. My next dog might be a Dandie Dinmont, because somebody in my town raises them. I think they cost a million dollars though. (or something like that). Hope you are well!