Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday (how creative)

If I don't type this out, I won't do it, so let me say that I am taking a little break from both reading other blogs and posting to my own so I can catch up on a few things. So, enjoy these links and have a great weekend!

If you collect older Barbie dolls, or just like seeing someone's else collection, you have to see the cool Barbie stuff Lindsey posted on Two Crazy Crafters for Barbie Wednesday.

There's another cute free embroidery pattern over at Pimp Stitch (I like the boy in the short pants on the right). (Um, aren't short pants just called shorts?) (Is my blood sugar low?)

And, in even more cute embroidery freebie news, Annie Oakleaves is sharing a sneak peak of her "eenie" patterns that will soon be sold in her Etsy shop [link via Feeling Stitchy].

I keep linking to cross stitch freebies that were posted on LaGattaC. If you have some free time, you should spend some time overthere. I usually only link to ones I might stitch one day so it's worth checking out for designs you might stitch. Two recent finds on LaGattaC are Gazette 94, a French blog where you are "welcome to download anything you like." There's a variety of x-stitch charts there: biscornu, hearts, ornaments. I really like this one. And, Lalasan is another blog with free designs. I like the elephant.


Karla said...

Hope you're having a good break! See you soon!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for recommending our blog! Lindsey does such a fantastic job of sharing her collection! Twyla

Jennifer said...

I do love Barbies. I have a small collection of red headed ones and many of the clothes I played with 25-30 years ago.