Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jazz Is Finally Going Home

I'm still taking a blogging break but this is one of those things that makes me do a happy dance so I have to share.

A Cocker Spaniel was rescued after Hurricane Katrina and then adopted by a couple in Texas. Nothing was done to locate the dog's owner. And, when Shalanda Augillard discovered the couple in Texas had her Cocker Spaniel, Jazz, they refused to give her back. So they all went to court. And, the judge decided the dog belonged to the adopters because Ms. Augillard failed to prove the dog was her Cocker, even though there was DNA evidence showing the adopted dog was a perfect match for Jazz. And, now, the Texas Court Of Appeals has overturned that decision.

"Because we hold that the evidence is legally insufficient to support the judgment of the trial court, we reverse and render judgment in favor of Augillard."


Hopefully, Tiffany Madura and Richard Toro will soon get Jazz back to Shalanda.


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Its sad that this even occurred. Katrina was such a mess in every way possible (putting it lightly!). Its a shame that the dog and both sets of owners had to go through that. I'm glad the dog went back to his original owner, but I'm also sad for the couple in Texas; I'm sure they loved the dog.

Miss Fruitfly said...

That's nuts! I'll glad she finally got her dog back.

ittybittybirdy said...

Wow what a story... I kinda feel for both sides.

Yes, I have two puppies. A Jack Russell and our basset.
If you look through 2007 posts... you can find out more about my sweet puppies.

Have a great evening...

Chelsea Ann

Laura said...

Isn't it the greatest news? I'm so happy for Shalanda and Jazz. Almost three years without her sweet dog. I probably know you, Patty - did you do on-line rescue work during Katrina?

Chellebelle said...

I need another dog. A big one that will scare away would-be rapists and murderers. The problem with this is that I am often out of town for more than a week at a stretch and would employ a dogwatcher, but wonder if such a change in routine would be upsetting. That, and I reallyreallyreally don't want to have to pick up giant dog turds. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Jazz is home finally!