Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Everyone Is Getting A Dog

Ok, not everyone is getting a dog but Martha and Barack are.

Yesterday, I got an email from Best Friends Animal Society about a web site and petition they started to encourage the Obama family to adopt a dog when it was time to get one rather than buy one from a pet shop or breeder. (The senator has promised his daughters a dog once the election is over, whether or not he wins.) You may not care where the Obamas find a dog for the kids but as Michael Mountain from Best Friends says "It’s a great opportunity to promote the cause of homeless pets everywhere." (Although, Senator Obama may already know not to get a puppy from a pet store since he's pals with Oprah.) Best Friends also has a Flickr group where shelters and rescue groups can post photos of their adoptable dogs.

Update: After seeing some of the dumbass comments on Dogster about why people should or shouldn't vote for Barack Obama, I wanted to add this from Best Friends:

About last week . . .

Several of you wrote in to ask about last week’s e-mail, titled “Let’s send a rescued pooch to the White House.” You wanted to know if that means Best Friends is endorsing Barack Obama. No, we don’t endorse political candidates, so please excuse any confusion here. But when the Obama family talked about wanting to get a new family dog, we did want to take the opportunity to promote pet adoptions.

And to make sure both candidates are fully represented, let’s note that the McCain family already has a rescued mutt – among their 22 family pets. So if John McCain wins the vote, we’re already confident that a nice old pup will be going to the White House, too.

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart wants you to help pick which Chow Chow puppy she should get [link via Cute Overload]. I voted for taking all three of them. Her breeder's site is interesting. There's nothing there about shipping puppies cross country or taking Visa, and she once had the top female Chow in the country. All good things (no pun intended).

And, it's not the Monorail Cat or Monorail Hamster but this cracks me up.

see more dog pictures


Threeundertwo said...

I voted for all 3 as well. So cute.

Amy said...

LOL I love that website, I submitted some LOLs of my dog and cat too :-)