Monday, July 14, 2008

Post Number 470

Please let me know if my blog looks alright. I can see a left sidebar, entries in the middle and a right sidebar but I removed 25 px of margin (whatever px is) and maybe that will affect how it looks in other browsers. I still need to add more links to both sidebars too.

Emily at The Floss Box has a challenge going on. She's posted a cute little house embroidery pattern and a list of DMC colors to use, but you can make substitutions.

Did you ever see that pincushion pattern from Martha Stewart (I believe it was her because really, who else would it be?) where you had to stuff it with something called emery, and you lost interest in making the pincushion because you didn't have any emery handy or know where to buy it so you just went and whipped up a grilled cheese instead and it was so good, you forgot all about your lack of emery? Emery is the stuff they put in some pincushions (like that little strawberry that's attached to the tomato kind) that sharpens your needles & pins. Well, thanks to Crafty Pod, we now know there's an alternative to emery: steel wool. Go have a look [link via Craft].

(Thanks to Google, I've found out which pincushion pattern it was and it's Martha's strawberry one. The first commenter shares where you can buy emery.)

I just discovered Fine Furious Life thanks to my friend Guava -- she linked to this recipe for Heretic's Shanghai Cold Ramen (which I want to try) but the Meatloaf Cupcakes With Mashed Potato Frosting caught my eye. How cute are they?!


Anonymous said...

Patty, the layout looks ok for me.
I'm using the newest Firefox.
Thanks for your comment on my SF site :-)

Anonymous said...

Patty dear,
Your blog looks fantabulous with the new sidebar.
Everything's fine.Thumbs up!!

Loralynn said...

Your blog looks great! Everything where it should be. Thank for all the great links today!

Ritobear said...

Your blog looks great to me! Thanks for the recipe links! HUGS

Anonymous said...

Learn something new every day. I thought the insides of those things were just to keep the danged needles and pins in place. I didn't realize it sharpened them! Cool. And steel wool as an alternative... that's a handy tip.

As for your columns... I'm running IE7 on Vista and it looks just dandy to me.

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

That's an interesting tip to know about! I haven't had a call for emery... but if I ever do, I'll know just what to substitute. Thanks for sharing!

Sue in Australia said...

Your blog looks great, everything lines up beautifully. And, thanks for all the neat links to free stuff.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

You learn something new every day. I've been sewing for years and never knew the little strawberry on my tomato pincushion would sharpen my pins!!! lol!

Lil_Birdie said...

That link to the meatloaf cupcakes is something else cute
:) Blog looks perfect too

Unknown said...

Blog looks great to me; I am running IE7 on Windows XP, so if I can see it properly, everyone can!

In place of steel wool in the needle sharpening part of a pincushion, you can also use fine sand like craft sand.

woof nanny said...

OMG, meatloaf cupcakes! How fun is that?!