Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hope I Don't Screw It Up

Update #3: I took this out margin-left:25px and everything lined up but I think it looks squished together now.

Update #2: I'm sitting here, looking at the lay out page for my blog, sipping iced tea and wishing it was vodka. The right sidebar thingy is BELOW the entry thingy and I cannot figure out why. The html for this blog is EXACTLY the same as the code for Pip Stitch Junior, yet this one is not lined up the same way. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Update: I am beyond disgusted. How come I can put three columns on
this blog but not here???

I just realized the photo in my banner is wider than the . . . header width. Or something. I did not notice that until just now. I'll have to change it.

Speaking of blog changes, Sweet Bee added a left sidebar to her blog awhile ago so I asked her how she did that. She referred me to this post on Tips For New Bloggers (the instructions are very easy to understand). I used to play around with the html on my old blog and it was really just modifying an existing template so nothing major. I'd have to do the same thing if I wanted to add another sidebar to this blog so why am I so worried I will totally screw this one up in the process and then not be able to fix it?

I created a practice blog (Pip Stitch Junior, heh) and added a left sidebar to it. It seems to have turned out ok so I'm ready to take the add-another-sidebar plunge here.

And, yes, I know about downloading the template beforehand and I did that with Pip Stitch Junior but I'm afraid I'll never find the file again.

Anyway, I'm off to add a left sidebar. Let's hope I do not mess it up!


Jenny S said...

Good luck with the changes! I was terrified when I changed my layout but it turned out ok.

My photo is wider than the header banner too and I can't seem to put it right, so if you figure it out, please let me know :)

Mary said...

I understand trying to tweek the html for the blogs can be annoying. I had that problem with using a prior template when I converted to the newer blogger layout. Hence, why I have Hello Kitty. I still need to work on it. I created a blog to try and get the code to do what I want it to do. I need to find my html book so I can make the columns a better width.

I think your new blog looks great.

Good luck with the tweeking.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

It looks great! And thanks for the link. I've been wanting to add a left sidebar to my blog, but haven't had the time to figure it out. This link makes it all easy! At least, I hope its as easy as it seems!!

woof nanny said...

I still have the classic template on my blog, because I like putting in the html manually. I have a photo in my header (banner) in woofnanny, but not the other blogs that I have (I can't remember how to do it). Too, the pic only shows up in Explorer, not Safari or Firefox. I want to know how to fix it, but it's so complicated.