Sunday, August 24, 2008

Super Commenter Award

Elizabeth at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord has passed on a Super Commenter award to me. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!!

I love getting comments. It always makes me feel good to know someone has taken a few minutes to not only read my blog, but to say something about it as well. I'm giving this award to the ladies at:

Mary's Blog
Lit and Laundry
SAHM Ramblings
Two Crazy Crafters
Colorado Lady
Smiling Sally
Stitchy and Crafty
Loopy Lou's Adventures Into Handicrafts
Thoughts from an Evil Overlord (yes, I am giving it back to you!)


Smilingsal said...

Thank you, Patty. I love comments too, and I love this award!

Miss 376 said...

Thank you, very much appreciated. I have made a couple of friends through regular visitors and the comments people make often give the needed encouragement to try different things.

Threeundertwo said...

Thank You!! I love it! I haven't seen this one before.

I feel like I've been slacking off so much lately while I've been running around getting the kids ready for school.

This is much appreciated. I can't wait to pass it along!

Nicole said...

Awww. How sweet. I totally love comments too so it was kind of frustrating when I updated my format to do the comment form thing and ended up botching it so people couldn't comment! So, if you know anyone who is a fan of Idina Menzel, send them to my review blog. I'm having a giveaway on my review blog of her I Stand CD and a tote bag that ends in a few days and my botched format thing made it so virtually nobody commented! (If you watch Desperate Housewives, you've heard her music. She's also known for Rent, Enchanted and lots of other stuff).

Thanks for the blog bling... I'll have to post it up then pass it along!

Mary said...

Thank you so much Patty for the award! It really made my day.

Lately I've been reading the blogs thru Google readers so I haven't had a chance to post comments as much as I used to. I just want to make sure I stay on top of what everyone is doing. It's so inspiring!

Thank you again!
Mary :-)

Chellebelle said...

Well, I love getting comments, too, except now I don't get any from you since you comitted MySpace suicide...I begged you not to do it. Oh well, I'm a survivior. I appreciate it and know that you gave it to me because we have a shared love of words like douchebag and fucktard. :::MWAH:::