Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is Not Number 500

This is my 499th post. I'm sorry to say there will not be a giveaway for #500 and I feel really, really bad about that.

I blame my foot for the lack of a giveaway. The same foot that was somehow fractured last year but forgot to tell anyone, and healed on its own, and is now so oddly-shaped, it will no longer fit into a regular shoe. No shoes = no job = no money = no giveaway.

I should be getting a pair of "corrective shoes" this coming week. FINALLY. The guy at the shoe place told me he had never seen anything like it when he saw my deformed foot. I felt quite special. The shoes he ordered for me look a lot like some black leather Keds I have so they weren't as ugly as I thought they might be. I'm just starting off with a good walking shoe that I can wear to work for now, but he told me that he could find me some sandals, Mary Janes and slippers when I was ready for something else. He also said he would have trouble finding me anything dressy with a heel. That's ok since I won't be going to the prom or getting married any time soon.

The other night I was going through the shoes in my closet and feeling a little down about not being able to wear them anymore. I know there are much worse things in the world than giving up your Chuck's, but dang, I am going to miss them.

Or maybe I'm not. Could it kill me to wash the laces once in awhile??


Coloradolady said...

Patty, Thank you so much for the award...

Would you mind emailing me directions for posting it on the sidebar. I can not seem to figure it out..

smelkoski at yahoo dot com
thanks again. Can't wait to show it off.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Patty, Thank you so much for the award! That one means so much to me, maybe even more than the others because I really ENJOY leaving comments and letting you all know I appreciate what you write. It took me awhile in the beginning to figure out how to leave a comment, I am a computer dork. Lindsey had to give me several lessons on how to do it and I would get So frustrated when it wouldn't take! Do NOT feel bad about not doing a 500th post giveaway because you give in each and every post. We would not be able to find all the links on our own that you so graciously share. Thank you! Twyla

Smilingsal said...

Here's something else we have in common. I have a deformed foot because of an unattended broken ankle! In fact, I think I'll write a post on it! Look for it sometime this week.

Mary said...

Good luck with your new sneakers/shoes. Bummer your foot healed funky.
You will have to let us see what the new shoes look like.

muralimanohar said...

Hey, Chucks are cool...I used to have a beloved pair of dark green hightops that I wore to shreds..MAN, I loved those shoes!!

And don't freak about no giveaway..makes me feel less guilty about forgetting all MY milestones, too! lol