Monday, September 1, 2008

New Orleans News

For up-to-date news on what's going on in New Orleans, check out this website. It has feeds from four local news stations. There is a mute button for each one so you don't have to listen to all of them at once.

Edited to add: I had been reading about Hurricane Gustav on some animal rescue message boards and more than a few times someone was claiming in a post that a levee had been breached when it hadn't. So that's why I linked to those local news feeds.

One more thing: a woman who's a member of Yahoo group that I'm in had evacauted New Orleans with her two dogs and three cats. She ended up at a motel in Port Allen which is across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge. There was water leaking into her room from the roof and she was worried it was going to collapse so she really wanted to get out of there. She was sending emails to the group with her laptop powered by her car battery, trying to find a place she could go to with her animals. When she realized she couldn't get out of there and decided to stay put, she had to pay for another night at the motel. The freaking roof was about to blow off or collapse, and there was a bucket on one of the beds to catch the rainwater that was pouring in from the ceiling, plus there were few inches of water on the floor, and THEY STILL CHARGED HER FOR ANOTHER NIGHT!! Can you believe it?! The bridge to Baton Rouge had been closed due to high winds but whoever was stopping people from using it (the police, probably) allowed another woman to cross it so she could go rescue the other one from the motel. Everybody is safe and sound now. I still can't believe they made her pay for another night!


Brook said...

so horrible...

Smilingsal said...

Thanks. I'll try it as soon as I leave this comment.

Missy said...

I've been glued to the TV! I see the storm didn't hit as hard as expected THANK GOD! I'm sending good thoughts down south to everyone! Those who were hit by the storm, those who sheltered those hit by the storm, and those who just missed it!

Coloradolady said...

I can not believe they would charge for another night. What a load of crap. I tell you, that is pretty bad.

Jennifer said...

That's ridiculous that they made her pay!!! I'd be complaining not only to the manager of that specific motel, but to the corporation that owns them as well.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

That IS a hardship and yes it sounds Very unfair! It's always sad to hear about people taking advantage of people going through a time of distress in the name of money. Sadly things will always be that way--thankfully, not everyone is like that! I was praying for all involved in the storm and so thankful it wasn't any worse. My prayers continue as all go through the recovery.
To answer your questions on the Red Work from last weeks post--I bought a box full of vintage linens from an elderly lady and the Red work squares were included in the stash. They are vintage and were already stitched. I am sewing the squares together by hand--just a simple chain stitch. I love and enjoy doing embroidery and am (slowly) trying to learn new stitches and improve.
Thanks so much for your interest!
Blessings to You!
Claudia O.

rollerwriter said...

Folks can be unkind everywhere-yesterday a puppy was tossed from a speeding car unto the parking lot of my daughter's office. Long story short we (hubby & I, 3 shelter dogs & one cat found starving and wandering one day) already love him. And daughter can visit him frequently.
Let's her it for the woman who cared enough to save her pets and the woman who cared enough to save her. Yeah!