Friday, October 24, 2008

Embroidery Links For October

I'm not sure why Sally and Barbara couldn't see the picture in Thursday's post. It worked fine for me but since I wouldn't want you to miss out on seeing my lovely self, I've deleted the original photo and uploaded it again.

And, if you can't see it now, well, maybe I was just too scary looking for Blogger.

I know Halloween is coming and the month of October will be over soon, and I wish I had should have linked to these freebies before now, but if you're a quick stitcher, you can probably have them finished in no time. And, if you're like me, you can start them first thing in tomorrow morning and have them wrapped up by next May!

Erika of CraftStylish teaches you how to embroider on a t-shirt anf offers a pattern in honor of their Make It Pink Challenge.

You can find free designs called Trick or Treat Tots at Sentimental Stitches, with a new one posted every day. These patterns would be good for embroidery, redwork or applique. They'll be posted until November 1, and then available for purchase so remind yourself to keep checking for the new ones. Then please remind me. Thank you.

And, at Craft Blog, there's a Creepy Critters needlework pattern (cute bunnies in costumes). [Links via Denise at Craft Gossip]

I finished my candy corn cards but now my camera is dead so I couldn't take any pictures. which means I missed Finished For Friday at Lit and Laundry. Next week, I swear!


Fern said...

Thank you for linking to CB! I'm so glad you liked the bunnies pattern :D

muralimanohar said...

Ooh, needed that embroider on t-shirts link..thanks!!

Hey, came over to tell you about my giveaway..a book on Dutch x-stitch patterns, all in Dutch, lol. I don't really do x-stitch anymore, so I'm sending it on to someone who wants to! :p

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Aw, thanks for going to the extra effort. So worth it to see your lovely face! And I do want those glasses ... Anyway, very cute picture.

CC said...

Thanks for all the great cross stitch sites.. I love them..
p.s. I've put up some more of the old fashioned Sues..and a Sunbonnet Sue and Sam pattern. Hope all our sister bloggers like them.