Wednesday, December 3, 2008

But...but...but I deleted that. Didn't I?

I had second thoughts about the six random things tag in my last post so I deleted that part this morning. Can you guys still see it? I also posted a picture of my sister because it's her birthday but I edited that out too since she never reads my blog (and she threatened to kill me for posting the same picture on Facebook).

And, Mary, we did not use my four year old to break in to a house. She was a little girl who lived next door and was part of our little neighborhood group of kids.

I really need to get back to making stuff.


Elizabeth said...

Yes, go make something!! How are you getting around the house? Can you bake some cookies maybe?

Smilingsal said...

Smart thinking.

marybt said...

Oh why didn't you say so? Using someone else's 4 year old is perfectly acceptable. I thought it was your own so I was very disappointed in you. We're all good now.

What did you "borrow"? Buttons?