Friday, December 5, 2008

Finished For Friday -- Little House Ornament

Last week, I made the Little House Ornament from the Pimp Stitch blog. I totally forgot to add it to last week's Finished for Friday post so I am doing it now.

Here's the door. I'm such a geek for the blanket stitch. Look at it all up close and personal.
door to little house

And, the windows.
little house ornament

And, here's the little house. It looks like a short, dumpy cousin to the tall and thin original.
Little House ornament

It's way more rounded on the bottom than I wanted it to be. (Just like me. Heh.) Since it doesn't sit flat, the door and flowers look like they're floating. (Yes, those are flowers. It's hard to see the green stems.) This was my second attempt at making one of these little houses. The first one was made of fabric (but the roof and bottom were felt) and it was really lumpy after I stuffed it because my handsewing is really uneven. It's not much better on felt but I'm working on it!

I command you all to join Finished for Friday hosted by Lit and Laundry next week!

And, did you notice how all my links open in a new window thanks to a nifty little trick I learned from Diane?


SmilingSally said...

Oh, please release me of your command!

I like your flowers, and I knew right away that they were flowers.

Threeundertwo said...

This is really cute! On the next one you can put a piece of cardboard inside on the bottom to keep it flat.

Yes, I do need a graphic for FFF.

Cheryl Lage said...

So adorable! Seeing yours and ThreeUnder's work is quite intimidating...beautiful stuff!
(Maybe in the new year....)

Darling ornament (and I can see why you are a "geek" for the blanket's charming.

Mary said...

I think your house is soooo cute. I even like how it's not flat. It adds character. Makes me think of the small houses in LOTR.
Thanks also for the link to Diane's website about adding the html code to open a new window when someone clicks on a link.
Have a great day!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

OMG, that is SO cute! We're getting a tree this year for the first time since having kids (we thought it too dangerous to have while they were young), so maybe I'll make some of these...if only I didn't have to sleep!!

I need to check out your link trick...I'd like to have my links open in new windows, too!

Diane said...

I'm so happy that the html code worked for you! Yay!

Your house is uber-adorable. I can clearly see the green stems. BTW, blanket stitches rule.

Unknown said...

As the EO, only I can give commands, I believe! I like your little house; it seems like a cozy place to live. And I'm a blanket stitch junkie, too. I'm working on a sweatshirt applique for my niece with it. I guess I should post it next Friday, huh?
Didn't I tell you about target=blank months ago?

Anonymous said...

I love it, right down to the little flowers. It has such a nice shape, just perfect for a little gnome and his little family. :)

Amy C said...

oh its so cute its like a little mushroom house, so neat and so well made

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I liked your house just the way it is. I could tell they were flowers! Twyla

Anonymous said...

I love your little house. I want to make one of these...

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

The short and dumpy ones always have the best personality!