Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Heart My Garland

Does anyone remember Lola Heatherton from SCTV? She would be a guest on the talk show and her catch phrase was "I love you! I want to bear your children!" I was thinking about saying that to those of you who left me comments about my house ornament (the short, dumpy one). But I thought it might freak you out if you didn't know the reference. So, I'll just say thank you, everybody, for saying such nice things!!

I know someone out there will love this free embroidery pattern of Cute Hate Bunnies by BoT. I like it too and think it would be great on a kitchen towel. To make it easier for you Googlers to find this design : bunny rabbit meat cleaver knife Hah! I just discovered I could post that pattern link directly to Facebook. So I did.

On December 13th, Niki of Pumpkin Country is having her own personal quilt-a-thon to finish up some last minute Christmas presents and she's hoping to get some of you to join her.

Niki says:

I'm having my own personal Quilt-a-Thon...I need to get some last
minute Christmas gifts made up and finished! If you'd like to join me, then grab the graphic, and post a link back to my Pumpkin Country blog
and we'll do this together! We can post updates that day (the 13th of Dec-Saturday) with fun pictures along the way. Spread the word. About 2 wks from now. Who's IN??? Please blog about it, so we have more participants!

p.s. If anyone knows how to make the HTML to my graphic clickable, with
the scrolly bar type thingy (LOL) please let me know. It's a heck of a lot
easier grabbing the graphic that way.

You'll find the graphic for the Quilt-a-thon on her Just Us Quilters blog. My sincere apologies for not posting this sooner, Niki!

Last night, I wanted to make something out of felt and I wanted to blanket stitch it so I went looking for a project that would fit the bill. I decided on Anna Maria Horner's felt garland. (It's been on my to-do list for awhile.) I read the directions but we're nearly out of paper so I didn't print them out. I cut out a bunch of felt circles and first I blanket stitched each pair together, and then I attached them to one another in a row. When I lined them up to figure out the order I wanted, it looked like a preschool matching game to me. Well, except for the extra beige one at the end. I used to make this kind of thing for the kids at work. Not out of felt but with stickers on juice can lids or laminated cardboard. I really miss doing all of that.

And, now here's a shot of my chest modeling the finished garland. Isn't the trash bag hanging on the door knob a nice touch? (I haven't had a bathroom trash can on the floor for years thanks to a little Shih Tzu who would raid the one I used to have.) I really love how the garland turned out. I just clicked the picture and got a good view of my stitching. It's not too bad.

I wonder if there's a Facebook group for People Who Take Pictures in Their Bathroom Without Tidying Up First.


Coloradolady said...

That is really cute! nice stitching....loved it.

Elizabeth said...

I've been blanket stitching all day so I can do that Finished for Friday thing!
My parent's dog eats tissues and napkins. He prefers if they are really snotty, but clean does nicely, too, thank you very much! He thinks he's on a stealth mission when he visits new places and knows right where people keep trash cans!

Smilingsal said...

What IS it with dogs and bathroom smells? I had a dog who used to grab my dirty underwear (as I was showering) and drag them under the bed! Awwk!

BTW, your garland idea is cute.

Susan said...

HA! I love those bunnies, but what's up with the knives. Love the garland and you made me laugh with your modeling picture.

Neabear said...

The garland looks great. I noticed it in the header. I was going to tell you about the first knitting bowl, but I discovered you found it. Also, if you look at my main blog, you can see my knitting bowl in the picture of the candles. It is sitting off to the left in that picture. Thank you for visiting me again. :-)

Neabear said...

Oh, regarding the dog story. My parents had a dog who was always after the trash. My mom finally got a can with a lid which helped. But then she would tear at the toilet paper roll. Sometimes we would find the toilet paper all over the place. My dad puts rubber bands on lower cupboard doors to keep the dogs out of the trash in the kitchen. The one in the laundry room sits on top of the dryer instead of the floor. Crazy dogs. :-)

Threeundertwo said...

I love that garland! Sometimes there is no substitute for some delicious blanket-stitching on felt. "Tactily satisfying" as a friend of mine would say.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Patty! I was trying to find that garland that I seen last Christmas and couldn't remember who's blog it was on. Your's looks wonderful. Your stitching is very nice. I love the trash bag on the door. Looks like home. Twyla

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

We've all been there with the bathroom pics. I don't post mine because it was demolished by my landlord and hasn't been finished yet. New floor, new shower door, new toilet, new sink, new ceiling, but no walls yet. Big hole in the wall where the new shutoff valve for the shower covered with plastic right now. It's scary in there. I love your garland, nice stitching. xxoo

Niki :-) said...

Love the garland! Is there anything you CANNOT do girl?! sheesh, you are talented. Thanks for mentioning my quiltathon. I should have made it a craftathon, as I've gotten very little response. ugh. oh well. Me and a few girls, that's all. So join in, it'll be fun. Hugs 2 u. Hope you have an awesome Wednesday! Hey, did you check out my newest stitchings?

marybt said...

You know what that bathroom needs, don't you?


As does the garland. :p Nonetheless, it turned out really cute. You should do a red and green one for your Christmas tree.

Miss 376 said...

Thought the garland looked good in the header, glad I checked back and found out all about it