Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is It Time To Put Up The Xmas Tree?

For the past two Saturdays, I've thought Easter was the following day. Seriously. Since I don't do much of anything that involves any kind of planning anymore, I never know the day or date or when the next major holiday is. Plus all the chocolate eggs I've been eating makes it feel like that bunny should be here at any minute.

I haven't had anything to blog about since I haven't finished a single cross stitch, embroidery or felt animal in quite awhile, and I have yet to do anything fun or illegal that's worth writing about. Oh, I did go back to the foot doctor who still has not heard anything about my surgery getting approved. It's been four weeks since she first suggested it so that's another month down the drain. In my mind, I keep extending the date for when I will once again have a life and I've now set my sights on December 25th.

Well, I'm depressed. Excuse me while I go shoot myself. Hey, how about some links to make us all feel good?

This one makes me happy. You can win a snazzy sparkly pink reversible vintage apron over The Polka Dot Barn. (I so want that cake in the blog header photo.) Details on the giveaway are here. Link via The Apronista -- check this post for even more Apron giveaways.

Kandra over at Sibling Craftery has been sharing a set of DOW embroidery patterns of these cute little ninja girls. My favorite is Thursday's ironing ninja. You can find links to all of the sisters' wonderful freebies here.

There are some new embroidery patterns up at a flower and Victory Kittens. Oh wow, it looks like Sarah has added even more vintage transfers since I was last there (last night?). The latest additions are bunnies and piggies and Weldon's Nursery Designs, both circa 1930, and she added a missing bunny to a set of Semco transfers. (That's where I found the puppy I used for my iPod cover.) You can find an index with links to all the patterns on this page.

I have three felt egg shapes sitting in front of me that need some embroidery so I'm going to go play with them. Maybe the next time I post, you will see a picture of them. No guarantees though. Happy Not Easter Sunday!


Smilingsal said...

Happy Palm Sunday! See, it IS a holiday!

Miss 376 said...

Hope the foot gets sorted quickly, not much fun sitting around waiting. Go and and do some embroidery, that and the chocolate will make you feel better

Coloradolady said...

Hope you are feeling better! I am sorry you can not seem to move past this foot....hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Bunny said...

BAH! Don't even mention Xmas yet, Patty. >_<;

I hope you hear about the surgery soon, hospital waiting times are soooo annoying!

Yay links! I love it when you post links, you always manage to find something I haven't seen yet. Hehe.


Elizabeth said...

Every weekend I've thought next weekend was Easter! We need to get ourselves those clocks that show the day and date as well as the time. I've actually hung a calendar next to the computer just to X off days so I know what day it is.
Don't be least you have a doggy to talk to! I haven't spoken a word since 3 PM YESTERDAY! More than 24 hours!

marybt said...

Dude, you should feel really bad. You keep posting all these links and got me all excited about stitching again so I did and now you won't even join along. Pshaw.

Get stitching, sister!

Diane said...

Mmmm, chocolate. Chocolate always makes it better :) I sure hope that you don't have to wait until Christmas!!

Neabear said...

Maybe if you wrote it down somewhere that Easter is always on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox. Wait, maybe that is too much of a mouth full to remember all that. Then again you have to know when all the full moons occur and you have to know when the Vernal Equinox is. Maybe it would just be easier to check the calendar.

I came by also from Elizabeth's blog when I saw your comment about the overstack load thingie problem. I had that problem right after she got her new "do". I got the same error message you did and had to go to task manager to end her program and reboot computer. Today I went to her blog from Sally's Blue Monday list totally forgetting I had that problem with her blog. I did not have that happen this time. This was my first time to visit her since that day. I don't know what was different this time. I guess I can't be of much help on that. I did notice another comment from someone having the same problem as you. Incidently, Elizabeth's blog was the only one I ever had that problem with which is also odd. I still wonder why it did that.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I was feeling suicidal myself until I seen all your links. Thanks! Twyla

Kellie said...

Patty...Easter Sunday is DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Just giving you a heads up there, girl. And hang in will be up and at 'em and going before you know it! I know it's time you start believing it too. Who knows, you may even take a trip to Kentucky for Captain Crunch sandwiches!