Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look At The Totally Cute Bunny Pattern, Kandra!

Kandra, this is all I have for now but it's a good one!

There's a really cute bunny embroidery pattern over at Orange You Lucky (via Pimp Stitch).


Kandra Young said...

HAHAHA - Ok, so I read your FB msg, then came here - then saw the title of the post... girl, I laughed out loud... in CLASS! My classmates looked at me like I was crazy.

BTW - TOTALLY cute bunny pattern :)

aneela said...

Adorable, your pillow is just too cute!! really made me smile this morning. I love your felty beagle and scottie too. Felty dog heaven!!
Since you commented on my blog that you love garlands why not make a little doggy one!! I think you could come up with something marvellous:)

Niki :-) said...

You find the best links Patty! Friday hugs!

Threeundertwo said...


And I love the pillow in the header!

Bunny said...

Yay, I saw that one too! I have added it to my ever-growing "pile" of embroidery patterns. :D

Thanks for the link!